The fourth industrial revolution will radically change the nature of industrial production. Are we ready for the changes? In order to improve the preparations of companies for the digital transformation, we have initiated the establishment of the Industry4Um platform.

Industry4UM is an initiative of industry representatives under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic whose ambition is:

  • To be an independent, expert, opinion-making authority in the field of company transformations
  • To bring industries together for common goals in the field of Industry 4.0
  • To provide companies with more information and increased expertise on Industry 4.0, digital transformation and innovations enhancement
  • To educate and raise awareness of the public on the subject of Industry 4.0
  • To bring together experts and create a platform for the exchange and sharing of expert views
  • To support the growth of young researchers and developers as well as start-up companies focused on digitalisation and innovation
  • To provide qualified opinions on the trends in digital transformation of industry and innovations
  • To cooperate with professional, scientific and academic institutions for the needs of the production industry
  • To be a partner for the state institutions in guiding the development of the digitalisation of industry and innovations in Slovakia.